Vaccine Development

A vaccine is a biological mix that makes the body more resistant to diseases. Vaccine production is getting better, with cutting-edge technologies that can deal with both new and old strains of viruses.

With the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, technology has moved quickly and there has been more interest than ever in making vaccines.

Synergy Bioscience has the scientific knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and strong industry knowledge to make vaccines to fight new diseases and pathogens around the world that traditional vaccine technologies haven’t been able to stop.

We have scientists who are experts in drug delivery and synthesis, and they use the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to help science. AI is a promising tool we can use to speed up the development of vaccines and drugs, which saves a lot of money compared to the old ways of doing things. Because of these improvements, we can back a rise in the number of successful market approvals (MAs).

By working with us, you’ll get a service that is enriching, easy to use, and of the highest quality. You will see a big drop in the cost of investments you need to make, and your business will be more stable and your vaccine development pipelines will be more flexible.

We could make subunit vaccines like virus-like particles (VLP) and nanoparticles more effective. Subunit vaccines make antigens in the form of purified protein, which shows that they are safer and can be used on a larger scale than pathogen vaccines.

At Synergy Bioscience, we use biotechnology to develop recombinant DNA vaccines, subunit vaccines, and vector vaccines to get around limitations in vaccine development. Here are some of the ways we go about making vaccines:

    • Sequencing of pathogen gnome.
    • Identifying genes.
    • cloning the gene of interest
    • Constructing the appropriate recombinant

We use in-vitro model systems to figure out the value and importance of the types of vaccines we make. Scientists often look over these adopted scientific strategies to make sure they are safe and effective.

Partnering with Synergy Bioscience will guarantee the following for your organization:
    • Carrying out numerous design and development mechanisms.
    • Genetic engineering.
    • Linkage of nucleic acid vaccines and biomolecules.
    • Strengthening vaccine development capacity
    • Rapid and effective diagnosis of bioanalytical services.
    • Well-optimized protocol design
    • Capacity of clinical trial development.
    • Vaccine development consultation.
    • Innovative ideas that restructure drug development.
    • Resilient laboratory support.
    • Flexible CRO partnership models.
    • Collaboration with seasoned experts in biopharmaceutical and biotechnology.


We are ready to move technological mountains with you and navigate the design and development of vaccines. Discover our customized and effective approaches that allow the development of vaccines in a short time, with utmost priority to patient safety.

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