There have been big changes in all parts of how drugs are given and how they are treated. Now, scientists are always “on the move” to find safer, more effective, and more efficient ways to treat even the most debilitating diseases.

By fully integrating Synergy Bioscience as your CRO partner, you will see a full discovery, preclinical development using new nanotechnology, maximization of drug leads, minimization of costs, and operational excellence.

In nanomedicine and technology, we use and study things like:

    • Vaccine development
    • Medical devices
    • Drug delivery
    • Biomarker detection
    • Cancer treatment

Nanotechnology can focus the chemotherapy on the cancer tumor and keep it from getting to other parts of the body. This keeps healthy cells from being damaged. Chemotherapy causes hair loss and nausea. So, Synergy Bioscience makes a big contribution to making a safe and effective cancer treatment by using nanomedicine and biopharmaceuticals.

Nanomedicine is also used to treat the following health problems:

    • Neurological disease
    • Eye problem
    • Blood disorders
    • Menopause
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Biomimicry
    • In vivo diagnosis
    • Cell / Tissue-specific drug
    • Molecules as machines
      • Computed tomography (CT)
      • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
      • Imaging radiolabels (PET)
      • Fluorescence imaging
      • Engineer feedback control into therapeutic systems
      • Location and size drive biocompatibility and biological efficacy
      • Pseudo Intelligence occurring from intelligence design
      • Highly interdisciplinary operation
      • Laboratory-based diagnosis

At Synergy Bioscience, we put your needs first. We change our technical skills to fit the needs of your product, and we’re always coming up with new treatments and running medical trials and tests using cutting-edge technology and infrastructure.

We try to build strong, long-term relationships with clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries in order to create safe and effective healthcare products.

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