Cell and Gene Research

As an alternative treatment for many diseases, cell and gene therapy has been getting better and better as technology has moved forward. We can help you with your work at Synergy Bioscience by developing treatments for single-gene diseases that are caused by mutations. We do this by using Cell and Gene therapy.

Cellular and gene therapies use new and improving technologies to make new medicines that can treat a growing number of diseases and conditions. The goal of cell and gene therapy is to get rid of the molecular cause of a disease.

Cell and gene therapy is made up of two parts: cell therapy and gene therapy. Cell therapy uses either the patient’s own cells or cells from someone else to speed up cell regeneration or the immune system’s response in order to kill pathogens or tumors. In this process, immune cell therapy, gene therapy for somatic cells, and stem cell therapy are all used.

Immune cell therapy, also called immunotherapy, is a type of biological therapy in which tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes help the immune system fight different types of cancer.

Somatic cell gene therapy involves putting a human gene into the somatic gene of a living person. This makes a copy of an inherited gene that doesn’t work that does.

Stem cell therapy is a type of medicine that helps the body repair damaged cells and changes how the immune system works. It helps treat autoimmune diseases, injuries from accidents, injuries that cause inflammation, neurological problems, and orthopedic problems.

Gene therapy is a way to treat a disease by changing the gene of the patient. Gene therapy comes in three different forms: ex vivo, in vivo, and in situ.

Ex vivo is a method that involves taking target cells out of the body and changing their genes in a way that fixes the disease.

In contrast, in vivo gene therapy is used to treat diseases like blood cancer, where the corrected gene is put back into the body to change the cancer gene.

Lastly, in situ therapy directly treats the organ that needs to be fixed, like in the case of melanoma, where treatment is applied to the affected area.

At Synergy Bioscience, we have the scientific knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and unmatched teams of experienced scientists to take clinical developments to ever-higher levels. As a leader in clinical research and development, we offer the following services:

    • Oncology
    • Hematology
    • Cardiovascular
    • Ophthalmology
    • Nephrology
    • Cell-based gene therapy
    • RNA therapeutics
    • Epigenetic therapy
    • Cell culture
    • Adoptive cell therapy
    • Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
    • Biomarkers technique, assay development, and testing
    • Genomic medicine
    • Lab testing
    • Preclinical pharmacology
    • Pharmacokinetics

Our team of experts are well-competent to support you in any area of your development journey.  Our vast experience with regulators, clinical trials, and technology in modern medicine gives us unique knowledge of the challenges to overcome as we improve your product through the development process.

As cell and gene therapy continues to evolve, Synergy Bioscience has continued to develop and invest in the technology, capacity, infrastructure, and experts to match up with the complex and timely growth of analytical clients’ needs.

So, as biopharmaceutical companies continue to press forward on gene and cell frontal, a CRO company like ours will be your best partner for drug research and development.

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