About Us

A Word from The Founder …

Our tale begins in the vibrant mid-eighties, where my career in pharmaceutical development and validation took flight. It was during this prolific period that I was privileged to contribute to the birth and commercialization of five significant drug products. This era bestowed upon me a wealth of knowledge about the intricate science and stringent regulatory requirements necessary to evolve a concept into a commercial, safe, and efficacious pharmaceutical product capable of addressing specific medical needs.

Fast-forward to 2011, the year I channeled my accumulated expertise into establishing a consulting firm dedicated to delivering scientific, technical, and regulatory compliance services. By 2014, our services became pivotal in assisting a major pharmaceutical company in resolving a warning letter from the FDA. Our involvement included validating and documenting a multitude of analytical test methods, in addition to providing comprehensive training on these methods. This endeavor was met with resounding success, enabling the client to resolve the warning and refocus on their core business.

However, the substantial costs associated with this resolution prompted an introspective question: How would smaller, medium-sized pharmaceutical companies cope if they found themselves in a similar predicament? The likely outcomes were disheartening – either they would cease operations or succumb to acquisition by a larger entity.

This realization propelled me to investigate more efficient alternatives that could save these smaller companies from an untimely demise. The inefficiencies in the existing model were glaringly obvious, leading to inflated costs that ultimately burdened the consumer.

The solution dawned on me during one of those restless nights. Why not start our laboratory and leverage our top-tier professionals to provide the same services at a significantly reduced cost? This would bypass the need for on-site consultations and associated accommodation expenses, ultimately offering enormous cost savings without compromising on quality.

Today, we are proud to offer an array of services that meet the highest standards of quality at a fraction of the usual cost:

  • Pharmaceutical Product Development
  • Analytical Chemistry and Microbiology Testing Services
  • Quality System Compliance Consulting Support

We are motivated not by profit, but by our commitment to contribute positively to the industry. Our guiding principle is to complete each project in a timely manner and exceed client expectations in terms of quality. This commitment drives us to relentlessly innovate, invest in our talent, and pursue the most cutting-edge techniques and tools available, ensuring we continue to serve as a beacon of excellence within the pharmaceutical industry.

Our objective is clear: to introduce efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the pharmaceutical industry. In addressing the global concern of rising healthcare costs, we believe that maintaining quality of care while mitigating costs can have a significant impact.

The key to success in this endeavor lies in our ability to deliver consistently high-quality services at affordable prices for smaller companies. Upholding data integrity, confidentiality, and cultivating strong client relationships form the bedrock of our business model.

While cost-cutting is an essential aspect, we firmly believe that maintaining the quality of services and products is non-negotiable. Through a comprehensive cost management strategy that encompasses all areas of business, we strive to achieve the perfect balance between these two vital aspects.

Join us in our journey to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry, one project at a time.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the most reliable and trusted pharmaceutical partner, whether this is for product R&D support, laboratory analysis, or consulting services provider in terms of timeliness, quality, and know-how.

Our Mission

To support our partners expedite their product commercialization efforts by providing world class services in a timely manner without compromising their business confidentiality.

Our Values


We are deliberate in our approach and focused in our execution.


We communicate directly and openly with integrity, honesty and respect


We embrace creativity, scientific innovation and compliance


We fulfill our commitments and deliver to the highest standard

One Team

We exemplify a collaborative, supportive and inclusive work environment. We view our clients as partners.

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