mRNA Vaccine

Scientists had to make a vaccine quickly because SARS-CoV-2 was spreading like a virus. The use of mRNA to make a vaccine and its success have brought mRNA technology to the forefront. mRNA is the future of vaccines, and its technology is the key to preventing and treating a wide range of cancers, metabolic diseases, and infectious diseases.

But like any new technology, the mRNA vaccine comes with a complex set of challenges and rules that can only be handled by a CRO partner with experience in developing new technologies.

Synergy Bioscience has a lot of experience with both clinical and nonclinical trials, as well as a team of experienced scientists, a deep understanding of modern technology, and a lot of knowledge about how to run a study and follow the rules.

We are always making new medical discoveries and doing research with our scientists that uses modern innovations to fully use and create new medical technologies. Our full commitment to mRNA vaccines is based on the many ways in which they are better than traditional vaccines.

Safety: mRNA vaccines are not contagious and don’t harm DNA because they can’t get into the nucleus, which is where DNA is kept.

    • Cell delivery efficacy
    • Reduced risk of gene mutation
    • Simple to design
    • Faster and cheaper to produce
    • Able to express multiple kinds of proteins at a time
    • Extensive applications moving with the technological trends

Why Work with Us?

Working with us at Synergy Bioscience is a great idea because we are not only resourceful but also know how to use mRNA technology properly. We know enough about regulatory requirements and have done early clinical trials that speed up development timelines and approvals from regulatory bodies.

Also, our experience making safe traditional vaccines and other commercial drugs is a huge help to our mRNA vaccine trials. Because we know how to estimate safety, we can characterize our future mRNA vaccine trial designs from a safety point of view.

Also, we are experts in the field of nucleic acid drugs in vivo delivery. Through a solidified drug delivery technology platform, we offer the best mRNA vaccine delivery service. We make it easy to make mRNA vaccines with our growing technology. Unlike traditional protein subunit-based vaccines, which are hard to make and test, mRNA vaccines can be made quickly.

Also, our scientists can help fuse the targeted mRNA sequence to protamine to help the efficient delivery of mRNA vaccines to achieve peptide-based delivery. We also offer customized mRNA-polymer conjugate services and promote different types of material polymerization and different adaptations.

Working with us gives you access to a knowledgeable partner who knows how the complicated process of making mRNA vaccines works. Without a doubt, this sets you up for success and quick timelines in all stages of clinical development, and we give you accurate advice on how to overcome manufacturing and regulatory hurdles.

Our Service Runs Smoothly

As part of our excellent service, we develop and synthesize the mRNA placement from a DNA template and make GMP-grade mRNA vaccines that can be used for everything from research to clinical trials. Some of them are:

    • RT-PCR
    • mRNA Synthesis
    • LNP Formulation
    • Antigen Discovery Products
    • Analytical quality control
    • Regulatory consulting
    • Pharmacovigilance
    • Data surveillance and biostatistics
    • Clinical monitoring and study management
    • Professional consultation and functional delivery
    • Life cycle management and research protocol development


Using mRNA technology, the future of vaccine therapy is looking good, even for diseases like HIV and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Now is the best time to start using this technology. Contact us today to get started!

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