Recombinant DNA

What the future holds for biotechnology innovations is interesting, and scientists need to make sure they keep changing along with the industry’s ever-better solutions to problems. As a biopharmaceutical company, you would need the help of a contract research organization (CRO) to speed up the development and testing of your biological drugs. This is because automated systems and processes are making it less important for people to be involved, and there is a lot of job turnover.

At Synergy Bioscience, it’s easy to take advantage of our knowledge in the field of recombinant DNA. Small chemical molecules, which were used to make drugs, have been replaced by biologics, which are mostly made from recombinant DNA. These new products treat diseases that couldn’t be treated before. They are also targeted therapies that promise to make people’s lives better and meet the health challenges of today.

Drugs made from recombinant DNA are many and different. They are made up of complex proteins like monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, hormones, interferons, interleukins, and thrombolytic factors. Because of this, these exciting new therapies can’t be made or developed in the same way that small-molecule chemical therapies can. Instead, they need more complex and safe processes.

We develop and test biologics, which includes fermentation, harvesting, lysis, recovery, filtration, purification, and formulation. Even though many of these steps are the same as for traditional pharmaceuticals, there are many more steps that need to be taken to make sure that a very large molecule is characterized and made in a way that takes into account the many layers of structure that determine how a protein works.

At our company, you have full access to new developments in genomics, gene therapy, clinical diagnosis, cell therapy, gene cloning, and vaccine design, and our customer service is unbeatable.


We have experts who work on developing your product and getting it to the market faster as a high-quality drug. We also have smart people who offer services in bioanalytics. The needs of cGMP plasmid DNA can be met by our cutting-edge development equipment. Genes and pieces of genes that are clones are easy to make and can be used in your research.


As a large bio lab, we know how to make the best use of manufacturing technologies for clinical trials.

We offer safe and reliable bioanalytical services and capabilities as follows:

    • DNA Sequencing.
    • RT-PCR CRISPER techniques.
    • Cell Line development.
    • X-ray crystallography
    • Microscopy (FTIR, STEM, and texture analyzer)
    • SDS-PAGE.
    • Physical Tastings.
    • Spectrometry Testing.
    • Protein and Peptide characterization using LC-MS\MS, UPLC, and many other instrumentations.

Other innovative solutions that drive our relevance are:

    • Formulation optimization.
    • Development of formulations.
    • Pediatric formulation.
    • Identification and removal of contaminants and endotoxins.
    • Determination of biological activity.
    • Host cell DNA and proteins.
    • Determination of pH of liquid samples.
    • Determination of osmolarity.
    • In-vitro testing
    • Rapidly meet up with development deadlines.
    • Microbial fermentation services.

You can take advantage of all of the above services offered by synergy bioscience. Choose to win with proven systems and proven results. Synergy Bioscience is the CRO you want to work with because it has industry experts with creative and growth-oriented minds who can help speed up your career path.

We want to help you be successful. Get in touch with us and let’s get going.

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