Six Sigma Projects

For decades FDA- regulated companies could remain profitable in spite of the 25-35 percent of operational waste they incurred, driven by poor methodologies and severe governmental regulations.

Today these same companies no longer can remain profitable in the face of such operational waste, and are under intense pressure to mitigate other cost constraints such as decreased ROI in research and development, generic substitutes, and patent cliffs.

Now more and more, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies look to Six Sigma as a way to significantly reduce their costs.

Synergy Bioscience,a leader in Business Process Consulting, provides hands-on strategic direction, and knowledge transfer services to help our clients outperform their competitors in revenue growth, cost reduction, productivity improvement, customer satisfaction and innovation.

Benefits of Six Sigma Projects to your Business

As a business management strategy, Six Sigma is widely used in every sector of manufacturing, and is now acknowledged and accepted as “good business practice” throughout all healthcare and life science industries.

At Synergy Bioscience, each Six Sigma project follows a defined sequence of steps, and has quantifiable targets. These targets typically are both financial (cost reduction or profit increase) and critical to the customer (cycle time, safety, delivery, etc.).

Six Sigma projects generally are deferred until the anticipated financial gains of a successful project have been determined and approved by management. Once those parameters are defined, Six Sigma is seen as a tool to implement to save money.

Synergy Bioscience, can show you the kind of benefits your organization can gain from establishing a Six Sigma program. Let Synergy Bioscience’s technical expertise establish a process program and train your management team to implement an effective Six Sigma cost reduction strategy.

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