Cell Line Development

Stable cell lines are used in many areas, such as the production of recombinant proteins and antibodies, functional studies, testing and analysis, and editing genes.


The first important step in making a biopharmaceutical is to start with a high-quality cell line. Cell line development involves making recombinant proteins like growth factors, enzymes, monoclonal antibodies, bi-specific monoclonal antibodies, and the new method of using different expression systems to make immunotherapy work better for treating cancer.


Plant-based, yeast-based, mammalian, bacterial, and Chinese hamster ovary systems are all used to make cell lines (CHO). The Chinese hamster ovary is the most common way to make proteins with a lot of parts (CHO).

The stages for cell line development include:
    • Vector synthesis (Plasmid Development/Selection)
    • Transfection
    • Selection of pool and transfected cells
    • Clonal screening and selection
    • Cell banking (Cell Culturing)
    • Cell line characterization
    • Expansion and downstream evaluation
    • Process development and optimization
    • Commercialization of reagents
    • Growth Promotion

But making cell lines can be a hard thing to do. It’s important to find the right partner because your choice of partner can make or break your project. Synergy Bioscience is a single-source provider that offers the best service for developing cell lines. We take care of everything you need to do to develop a cell line, from sequencing the genes to making sure the line grows steadily. Also, we have come up with a strategy for completely stable cell lines that increases productivity and stability.


Even though biologics are getting more complicated and the need for higher titers is growing, we stay ahead of the curve. By using automated high-throughput, we make the best use of time and resources on big screening projects.

In addition, as a top-notch and ever-advancing CRO company, we possess certain qualities as benchmarks in our services, such as:
    • Reliable craftsmanship
    • Expertise
    • Hands-on experience in procedure development
    • Powerful technological mediums
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Dependability
    • Efficiency

We are the partners you need in establishing expectations on both sides and escaping any potential distress.  An alliance with us offers you a devoted client manager that not only coordinates projects but is also equipped with the expertise to provide recommendations and guidance for proper testing.

As a cell line development service provider, you can take advantage of our expertise in the following areas:
    • Formulation optimization.
    • Development of formulations.
    • Identification and removal of contaminants and endotoxins.
    • Determination of biological activity.
    • Host cell DNA and proteins.
    • Polypeptide stability testing
    • Determination of pH of liquid samples.
    • Determination of osmolarity.
    • In-vitro testing
    • Quick meet-up with development deadlines.
    • Microbial QC
    • Microbial fermentation services

Our experienced scientists are ready to give you the best service possible by using our technologies and state-of-the-art research facilities. Contact us right away to get going.

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